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Jay Singh

Tiger 3 is a 2023 Indian Hindi-language action thriller film directed by Maneesh Sharma and produced by Aditya Chopra under Yash Raj Films. The film stars Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and Emraan Hashmi in lead roles. A sequel to Tiger Zinda Hai (2017), it is the fifth installment in the YRF Spy Universe. The film is set after the events of Tiger Zinda Hai, War (2019) and Pathaan (2023). Following the events of Tiger Zinda Hai, Tiger and Zoya are framed as traitors by an ex-ISI agent named Aatish Rehman, where they go on a life-threatening crusade to clear their names.

Principal photography began in March 2021 with filming taking place in Delhi, Mumbai, Istanbul, Saint Petersburg and Vienna. The film's soundtrack is composed by Pritam while the background score is composed by Tanuj Tiku. The film was made at an estimated budget of ₹300 crore, thus making it the most expensive project of Yash Raj Films.[3]

Tiger 3 was released on 12 November 2023 in standard, IMAX, 4DX, and other premium formats, coinciding with Diwali. It received mixed-to-positive reviews from critics upon release, with praise for its action sequences, technical aspects and cast performances (particularly Khan, Kaif and Hashmi), but criticism for its plot, soundtrack, and pace.[1][5]

In 1999, Zoya witness her father, ISI agent Rehan Nazar, die in a car bomb blast. After his funeral, Zoya is recruited by Aatish Rehman, Nazar's protégé, to join the ISI.

At present, Avinash "Tiger" Singh Rathore is called for a mission by RAW chief Maithili Menon to rescue Tiger's former handler Gopi Arya, who was captured after trying to extract information about a mission being planned in Pakistan. Following his rescue, Gopi reveals that Zoya is involved in the planned mission, and dies shortly after. Tiger begins to spy on Zoya and is later assigned to safeguard a RAW agent named Jibran Sheikh in Russia, who worked with Gopi and escaped to the country after being exposed in Pakistan.

Tiger witnesses Zoya's attempt to assassinate Sheikh; after saving him, Tiger is captured by Aatish, who reveals he forced Zoya to assassinate Sheikh by nearly fatally drugging and kidnapping her and Tiger's son, Junior. Tiger and Zoya recruit their team of RAW agents to steal a briefcase for Aatish, containing missile launch codes in Istanbul in exchange for Junior. Aatish then has Tiger and Zoya framed as traitors by their respective countries, leading to Tiger's imprisonment in Pakistan.

In a flashback, it is revealed that Aatish sought to derail a peace treaty between India and Pakistan in Vienna by assassinating the lead Indian army general twelve years earlier. After Zoya refused to cooperate with the plan, she covertly informs Tiger. Aatish's pregnant wife, Shaheen Baig, attempts the assassination but is shot and killed by Tiger. Aatish denies that his agents knew of the plan, and is subsequently imprisoned and ousted from the ISI.

Tiger is sentenced to death but manages to escape prison with the help of Pathaan. He travels to Islamabad where he meets his adopted son, Hassan, a hacker, who Tiger had previously saved from a terrorist group as a child. Tiger's team, Zoya and ISI agents Abrar and Javed return to Istanbul, where they learn that Aatish and Pakistani Army General Imtiaz Haq are planning to assassinate Pakistani Prime Minister Nasreen Irani, in order for Aatish to replace her. Tiger, Zoya, and their team secretly enter the Prime Minister's Office and reveal the plan to Irani.

Tiger and Zoya take Irani to an underground bunker and Tiger forces Haq to publicly reveal the plan. However, Aatish secretly kills Haq with the help of Javed, who is revealed to be Shaheen's brother and frames Tiger for killing Haq. Abrar and Karan, members of Tiger's crew, are killed by Aatish and Javed, who locate Irani. Tiger and Zoya help Irani escape, but Hassan and Javed are killed. Tiger and Aatish engage in a combat, resulting in Tiger killing Aatish. Irani exposes Aatish's plot to the public and Tiger, Zoya, and their team are proven innocent.

In the post-credits scene, Colonel Sunil Luthra contacts Kabir Dhaliwal and assigns him to assassinate an unidentified person.

Salman Khan as Avinash "Tiger" Singh Rathore, a RAW agent and Zoya's husband
Katrina Kaif as Zoya, an ISI agent and Tiger's wife
Gurket Kaur as Young Zoya
Emraan Hashmi as Aatish Rehman, an ex-ISI agent
Revathi as Maithili Menon, Chief of RAW
Simran as Nasreen Irani, Prime Minister of Pakistan
Riddhi Dogra as Shaheen Baig, Aatish's wife
Vishal Jethwa as Hassan Ali, Tiger and Zoya's adopted son
Kumud Mishra as Rakesh Prasad Chaurasia
Ranvir Shorey as Gopi Arya, Tiger's former handler
Aamir Bashir as Rehan Nazar, Zoya's father
Gavie Chahal as Captain Abrar Sheikh
Anant Vidhaat Sharma as Karan Rao
Danish Bhat as Captain Javed Baig, Shaheen's brother
Sartaaj Kakkar as Junior, Tiger and Zoya's son
Chandrachoor Rai as Nikhil
Shahid Latief as General Imtiaz Haq
Edward Sonnenblick as Dr. Hoffman
Neeraj Purohit as Jibran Sheikh
Danish Husain as General D.G Riaz
Michelle Lee[6] as General Zimou
Denzil Smith as Indian Defence Minister
Sandeep Kulkarni as Pakistan PM's secretary
Varinder Singh Ghuman as Shakeel, Pakistani Prison Guard[7]
Anish Kuruvilla as Indian Prime Minister
Bimal Oberoi as General Ribiero
Shah Rukh Khan as Pathaan (cameo appearance)[8]
Hrithik Roshan as Major Kabir Dhaliwal (cameo appearance)[9]
Ashutosh Rana as Colonel Sunil Luthra (cameo appearance)[10]

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